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Manteo, North Carolina 27954

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News Release

May 2, 2008

Take Pride in America Team Presents National Awards to Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge Volunteers

Photo Credit: Lisa Young, TPIA
Photo Caption: Representatives from the National Take Pride in America team visited Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge on Wednesday to observe some of our refuge volunteers in action and to present awards to 30+ volunteers. Receiving awards were:

Presidential Bronze Award: 100-249 hours
Peggy Eubank-111
James Fauth-135
Tommy Fulcher-157
Elizabeth Fulcher-157
Georgia Griffiths-100
Rich Griffiths-100
Win Jacques-177
Lehanne Kidd-156
Waverly Reibel-149
Marlene Schumm-177
Bill Slayton-147
Laura Wolke-140
Carol Thompson-192
Russell Thompson-192
Ann Moore-150
Glenn Moore-150

Presidential Silver Award: 250-499 hours
Sue Carroll-310
Angie Brady-Daniels-310
Chuck Jochen-335
David Kuyper-411
Patty Kuyper-356
Jay Ross-461
Ron Scovell-418
Sandy Semans-310
Julie Truhlar-426
William Thompson-250
Lisa Borel-400

Presidential Gold Award: 500-999 hours
John Gilson-897
Laura Gilson-941
Dee Hardham-716
Debbie Mauney-561
Ryan Nordsven-566
Bob Teagarden-839
Bill Voegtli-658
Ken Wynne-710

The Take Pride Bronze Award: 1,000 hours
Bill Ackiss-1130
Larry Hardham-1094
Ron Marchand-1050
Neal Moore-1465
Lee Yoder-1348

The Take Pride Gold Award: 2,500 hours
Pat Moore-2728
Stew Whittle-2525

The Secretarial Volunteer Service Award: 3,000 hours
Bob Glennon-3068

The Presidential Volunteer Service Award: 4,000 hours
Warren Davis-6951