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News Release

January 9, 2007

Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge Seeks Public Comments on Proposed Amendment to Existing Right-of-Way Stumpy Point Wastewater Collection and Treatment System

The Wooten Company, a consulting engineer firm, is requesting an amendment to an existing Right-of-Way (ROW) Permit on behalf of Dare County to install a 2.5-inch low pressure sewer main and appurtenances within the road shoulder on the west side of U. S. Highway 264 from the intersection of N. C. State Road 1100 southward to a residence south of Lake Worth Road. In addition, project sponsors are requesting an extension of the existing permitted easement to a point 275 linear feet south of the southern bank of Lake Worth Canal along the west side of U. S. Highway 264. Approximately 3,175 feet of this sewer main would occur along within an area bounded by Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. Overall, this project involves installation of sewer collection lines throughout the community as a component of the Stumpy Point wastewater collection and treatment system. Of the overall project, only that portion on the west side of U. S. 264 (the 2.5-inch low pressure sewer main) affects refuge lands.

The 2.5-inch low pressure sewer main and appurtenances will be located within the existing easement dated February 12, 2002 from the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service authorizing installation of a 6-inch water main within the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) ROW easement. Installation will be done with a rubber-tired backhoe or trencher to meet the State’s criteria for minimum burial depths and water main separation requirements. At a point 372 feet south of the U. S. Highway 264/NCSR 1100 intersection there will be a directional bore underneath a canal that intersects U. S. Highway 264 approximately 200 feet long. All construction staging and equipment storage will occur on Dare County property north of NCSR 1100.

To minimize impacts on natural resources of the area, a silt fence will be installed approximately 15 feet from the edge of pavement along U. S. Highway 264 to prevent sediment from entering any ditch, canal, or stream within or adjacent to the project area. Upon completion of work, trenches will be backfilled with excavated material, restored to original grade, and re-vegetated.

As part of the compatibility determination process, the refuge is seeking public comment with regards to benefits and impacts from issuing the amendment to the Right-of-Way Permit. If you wish to provide comments, please send them to the Refuge Manager, Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, P. O. Box 1969, Manteo, NC 27954. If you wish to review the draft Compatibility Determination, a copy is available at the administrative office at 708 North Highway 64/264 Manteo, NC. If you need additional information, contact Dennis Stewart, Refuge Biologist at (252) 473-1131 X 231. The comment deadline is February 16, 2007.