Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge
Alaska Region   

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Visiting the Refuge

All refuge lands are open to all hunting consistent with state and federal regulations. A State of Alaska hunting license is required for all hunting activities on the refuge. Opportunities for big game hunting are limited because of low populations, reflective of the available habitat on the refuge for these species. Several big game guides do provide opportunities for bear, caribou, and muskox hunting. Waterfowl hunting is allowed with appropriate State and Federal Duck Stamps along with a State of Alaska hunting license.

Subsistence fishing far exceeds sport fishing use throughout the refuge, although all of Yukon Delta’s waters are open to fishing consistent with state and federal regulations. A State of Alaska fishing license is required to fish on the refuge. Several rivers provide angling opportunities for all five North American species of Pacific salmon, rainbow trout, grayling and other species. Aircraft, power-boats and river rafts are the most common vehicles for accessing the refuge to fish.

Refuge lands are open to trapping of furbearing animals consistent with state and federal regulations. Appropriate State of Alaska trapping licenses are required.

Wildlife Observation & Photography
Although there are many opportunities for observing and photographing wildlife on the refuge, this almost always involves expensive travel from the hub village of Bethel. Muskox and reindeer occur on Nunivak Island; the coastal portions of the refuge support large concentrations of waterfowl and shorebirds; inland river corridors provide habitat for moose and black bears; and the Kilbuck mountains are home to brown bear, caribou, and occasionally wolves. However, visitors must realize that locating these species can be both expensive and time consuming on this large and remote refuge. For more information about visiting the refuge contact the office or visit the Alaska Geographic online bookstore.

Welome to the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters in Bethel, Alaska. USFWS. Click to enlarge.

Last updated: July 24, 2008