Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge
Alaska Region   

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For Educators

The refuge headquarters houses a visitor center that depicts not only the wildlife that inhabit the region, but a historical perspective on the use of the During an educational event hosted by the refuge a child is pretending to be a salmon smelling its way back to its home stream to spawn. USFWS.refuge by the Yup'ik Eskimo population in the area. There is a small museum that exhibits wildlife, interprets the uniqueness of tundra and includes a relief map showcasing the expanse and ecological diversity of the refuge. A small sales outlet of the Alaska Geographic is available with wildlife related educational and interpretive products.

The environmental education program on the refuge is focused mainly upon introducing and sharing wildlife curricula with the schools and residents in the many villages that are located in and around the refuge. Many of the educational materials produced are culturally inclusive to better serve the Yup'ik populations in these villages. The headquarters office has a conference room that is used for viewing films during the work week and on Saturday afternoons.

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Last updated: July 24, 2008