Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Alaska Region   

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Plan Your Visit

The Arctic Refuge offers a variety of wilderness opportunities. Whether you plan to hike, hunt, camp, float, or climb, the Refuge is a place where the sense of the unknown, of horizons unexplored, of nameless valleys remains alive. Here, where the wild has not been taken out of the wilderness, there are risks. Preparation, experience, and self-reliance are necessary. We provide no packaged trip plans or trail maps pointing the way. Rather, an experience in the Arctic Refuge is one you must search out for yourself. The following information will help you plan such a journey.

Polar bear viewing:

For those interested in viewing polar bears, the Arctic Refuge worked with partners in the Fish and Wildlife Service, the community of Kaktovik, and across the North Slope to produce the following:

Additional information about polar bears and about current Fish and Wildlife Service activities concerning these bears:

December 12, 2013