Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Alaska Region   

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Office Directory

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
101 12th Ave., Room 236
Fairbanks, Alaska 99701

Email Address:

Phone: 907-456-0250
Toll Free: 800-362-4546
Fax: 907-456-0428

Job Title
Glaspell, Brian Refuge Manager
Allen, Mildred Refuge Information Technician
Banyas, Paul Maintenance Worker
Bartlett, Heather Federal Wildlife Officer / Pilot
Bryant, Joanne Community Liaison
Burkart, Gretta Aquatic Biologist
Butteri, Peter Fire Management Officer
Curby, Cathy Wildlife Interpretive Specialist, Web Manager
Gaddis, Almeda Contracting Officer
Gasparini, Priscilla Information Technology Specialist
Helling, Heidi Fish and Wildlife Biologist
Jorgenson, Janet Botanist
Kaye, Roger Wilderness Specialist
Kayotuk, Lee Refuge Information Technician
Latty, Chris Wildlife Biologist - Ornithologist
Vacant Deputy Refuge Manager
Mathews, Vince Subistence Coordinator
Payer, Dave Supervisory Ecologist
Raether-Storm, Cathy Administrative Officer / Budget
Reed, Jennifer Visitor Services Coordinator
Soto, Alfredo Refuge Operations Specialist
Sowards, Dave Pilot
Twitchell, Hollis Assistant Refuge Manager / Pilot
Wald, Eric Wildlife Biologist - Caribou, Moose and Sheep
Wheeler-Hannis, Gail Refuge Clerk

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January 14, 2014