Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge
Alaska Region

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Work with Us


Permanent Employment

Every member of the Alaska Maritime Refuge staff contributes to the refuge's purposes of conserving marine resources. That includes the Administrative Clerk working in the office, Wildlife Biologists and Ship's crew conducting studies in the field, the Park Ranger greeting the public in the visitor center, and the Refuge Manager meeting with partners.

Learn more about other employment with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Alaska.

Seasonal Employment

Mainly during the summer, the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge uses Biological Technicians and Park Rangers to assist with projects at remote field camps around coastal Alaska and at its headquarters in Homer.

Government housing is provided at the duty location, as well as uniforms and/or special field equipment if needed. Housing at most field camps will be a tent or small cabin.

Biological Technicians

  • The seasonal Register for Bio-Tech jobs has been eliminated
  • Vacancies will be posted on the U.S. Office of Personnel Management USAJOBS website. Search by zip code 99603 for Alaska Maritime jobs.
  • You must be a U.S. citizen for paid positions.
  • We have 12-15 seasonal seabird monitoring positions, GS 4-7

Park Rangers and other categories

  • Hired on a case-by-case basis as needed.
  • Vacancies will be posted on the U.S. Office of Personnel Management USAJOBS website.

Student Educational Employment Program

If you are a student in an undergraduate or graduate degree program, the Student Educational Employment Program may be for you. It's an opportunity to earn money and continue your education, to train with people who manage the day-to-day business of the Fish and Wildlife Service, and to combine your academic study with on-the-job experience. Learn more.


Volunteers have contributed thousands of hours of their time and expertise to the work of the Alaska Maritime Refuge.

Samples of volunteer work

  • Educate the visiting public and school children at the Alaska Islands & Ocean Visitor Center in Homer.
  • Three months on a remote Aleutian island documenting the numbers and variety of seabirds.
  • Collect fish samples and oceanographic data for studies of the marine environment aboard the refuge's research vessel, the M/V Tiglax.
  • Maintain equipment and facilities at field stations on Adak Island and in the Pribilof Islands.

How to Volunteer

Biology volunteers

Please send a resume and a cover letter indicating the kind of positions you are interested in and any special skills you have such as bird surveys, isolated field camps and/or skiff and outboard operation, by e-mail (best option) or mail to the Alaska Maritime Refuge, 95 Sterling Highway, Suite 1, Homer, AK 99603.

Visitor Center Volunteers

To work in the Alaska Islands & Ocean Visitor Center in Homer, e-mail or write to the address above. Include your area(s) of interest, availability, and any special skills you'd like us to know about.


Volunteer stipends and travel expenses vary by the position. Generally, full time biology volunteers receive travel to Alaska and food and housing in the field. Visitor center volunteers who arrive by RV, do not receive travel but do receive a trailer site and daily stipend. Volunteers are covered by the federal workmen's compensation program in case of an injury or accident while on duty.

Volunteering at other Refuges


Last updated: January 4, 2010