Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge
Alaska Region

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Welcome ... to the nation's premiere seabird nesting and research refuge.

Home to ... 40 million marine birds and mammals
              ... some birds and animals breed nowhere else

Leader in Research

    * to detect changes in the health of our ocean.
    * to discover conservation issues of seabirds.
    * protect or restore the natural biodiversity of our islands.
    * with an Endangered species success story.

Foremost Wildlife Viewing

    * Best place to view and photograph puffins, other seabirds, and fur seals from land.
    * Islands with seabirds, sea lions, seals, and sea otters - tour boats go to some.
    * Chance to see birds rarely or never seen elsewhere in North America.
    * Spectacular visitor center (Alaska Islands & Ocean - Homer, Alaska).

International Connections

    * Some plants and animals more typical of Asia.
    * Some birds (shearwaters) migrate 'down under' to Australia and New Zealand.
    * We help fulfill treaties with more than 17 nations.

Earth-shaking History

    * Volcanoes erupt and build new wildlife habitat.
    * Earliest contact between Alaska Natives and newcomers (Russians).
    * Only World War II land battle fought on North American soil.

Congressionally mandated purposes for the Refuge

Last updated: April 5, 2012