Migratory Bird Management
Alaska Region

Avian Health and Disease Program

Avian Health and Disease Strategic Plan (Jan 2011) pdf icon

Reports 2011

Contaminants in Lesser Scaup pdf icon
Disease Surveillance in Arctic-Breeding Shorebirds pdf icon
Total Merciery Concentrations in Tissues of Birds at Agattu Island, Alaska pdf icon
Physiological Contraints on Breeding by Emperor Geese pdf icon
Serum Biochemistry from Greater White-Fronted Geese in Interior and Northern Coastal Alaska pdf icon

To Report Sick or Dead Wild Birds:

Birds die for many reasons, including trauma and disease. If you encounter dead or sick wild birds, and no obvious cause is apparent, such as hitting a power line or building, call 1-866-5BRDFLU (1-866-527-3358). Before calling, please note the location (GPS coordinates are best), species of bird and the date and time found. Do not handle any sick or dead birds.

Alaska Region Avian Emergency Response Plan

Preparedness and Communication Plan (Sept 2009) pdf icon
Response Plan (Sept 2009 / updated Sept 2011) pdf icon
     Contact information has been updated. Please continue to follow the HPAI Response Plan should there be an avian morbidity or mortality event.
Response Plan Contacts (Appendices: 1-6 and 15, Sept 2011) pdf icon

Facts about H5N1 Avian Influenza in Alaska

"Bird Flu" Facts (updated April 2011) pdf icon
What Hunters Should Know? pdf icon

Avian Influenza Wild Bird Sampling

Results of 2010 Field Season pdf icon (5.4mb)
Results of 2009 Field Season pdf icon (1.8mb)
Results of 2008 Field Season pdf icon (1.5mb)
Results of 2007 Field Season pdf icon (1.9mb)
Results of 2006 Field Season pdf icon
Alaska Interagency Sampling Plan pdf icon

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