Alamosa/Monte Vista/Baca National Wildlife Refuge Complex
Mountain-Prairie Region
A legacy of opportunity

Refuge-specific hunting permits are no longer required as in previous years. However, please have all applicable state hunting licenses, hunters education card if required and State/Federal waterfowl stamps on your person while in the field. Please consult the current year Colorado Division of Wildlife Hunting Proclamation for current season dates and bag limits. Additionally, see the general and special refuge hunting regulations below.

Please note that refuge hunting unit water levels and locations can change from year to year due to habitat management or construction activities. During waterfowl hunting season, water location maps will be posted in the kiosks in the hunter parking lots or you may contact the refuge office for more information.



hunting line artGeneral Hunting Regulations
All Federal and State hunting regulations apply. Hunters must possess all applicable Federal and State licenses. The Refuges are open daily from sunrise to sunset. Hunting hours follow those set in the Colorado State hunting regulations. Only waterfowl and small game hunting are permitted on a portion of each Refuge according to State regulations and the following special Refuge regulations. All hunting on both Refuges is permitted only during waterfowl season as set by Federal and State regulations. It is our desire to prevent violations rather than to prosecute violators. Please respect other hunters who may be hunting in close proximity to you. Please handle firearms carefully. The cooperation of all sportsmen is respectfully requested. When in doubt about any of the hunting regulations, please contact a Refuge officer.

Special Refuge Hunting Regulations

  • All hunters are required to have all licenses and stamps on or with them in the field. Hunting is only allowed in the designated hunting areas posted and shown on the maps. Access to Refuge hunting areas must be from designated hunter parking areas.
  • Rifles and handguns are strictly prohibited. Non-toxic Shot
    must be used for all hunting on the Refuge. It is illegal to use or possess lead shot while in the field.
  • Decoys cannot be left unattended and must be removed
    from the water daily.
    Blinds used for the purpose of hunting must be removed each day.
  • The use of dogs for hunting and retrieving is permitted.
  • It is illegal to use or possess alcoholic beverages while in the field.
  • Littering is prohibited. Please remove all trash, including spent shell casings, from the Refuge.
  • No fires of any type are permitted within the Refuge.

Safety Warning
Hunters are warned to be on alert for “boggy” areas and deep, abrupt channels. Please be very careful where you step.

Accessible Hunting Blinds
Two accessible hunting blinds are available on a first come first serve basis.

Last updated: October 5, 2012