Alamosa/Monte Vista/Baca National Wildlife Refuge Complex
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Daddler and ducks line artDear San Luis Valley Teachers,

The resources on our website are meant to help you plan your field trip to the Refuges as well as do wetland and wildlife education in your classroom, if you need further assistance do not hesitate to call or email us.

Field Trips
Field trips are currently being developed so some overlap may occur between grade levels. When programs are fully developed students can visit the Refuge each year and build on concepts and activities from the years before.

Typical field trips at both refuges run 4- 5 hours not including travel time. While students are at the Refuges they rotated through stations where they participate in hands-on/ minds-on activities that relate to state standards. The Refuges are currently offering two programs, but are interested in developing activities that are tailored to teacher's curriculum needs.

Migration and Cranes Field Trips
The Sandhill Crane is a beloved migratory resident of the San Luis Valley. 20,000 of these graceful creatures visit us each spring and fall. The Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge offers great opportunities throughout the fall and spring to see these creatures. Spring and fall field trips at the Refuge are centered on these charismatic mega fauna and their migratory habits. Cranes offer learning opportunities in many subjects from art and literature to math and science.

Wetland Field Trips
Wetlands are an important and unique resource to the San Luis Valley. Wetlands provide crucial wildlife habitat, important watershed functions, and are one of the most diverse communities of plants and animals. Wetland field trips are available at both the Alamosa and the Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuges for grades K-12. Field trips explore the interactions between the living (birds, bugs) and non-living (soils, water) components of wetlands.
Students also explore personal connections to these buggy, muddy swamps in fun hands-on learning experiences.


Last updated: October 5, 2012