Roanoke River National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region
Frequently Asked Questions

When is something going to be done with the flows on the river?

Flows are managed by the USACOE and Dominion Generation. DG was issued a new FERC license in March 2004, after nine years of meetings with stakeholders.  The license was amended in March 2005 to replace articles requiring DG to cooperate with various agencies making up the Cooperative Management Team (CMT).  The CMT consists of representatives from the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the National Marine Fisheries Service, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Regional Partnership of Local Governments.  The amended articles require Dominion Generation to conduct studies and monitor the impacts of the managed flows on resources downstream of the dam with the CMT's input.

In 2005, the Section 216 study was designed to allow the US ACOE to review their flood control operations and releases at the John H. Kerr dam.  Several task groups consisting of members from various agencies identify and design studies to address issues for the
Section 216. 

Is camping allowed?

Primitive camping is only permitted in conjunction with refuge deer hunts due to safety concerns with river navigation at dusk and dawn.

What are hunting conditions like?
i.e. refuge flooded, animal sightings, etc.

Refuge staff will have this information. Answers depend on season and river flows which can abruptly change.

Where can one go on the refuge for good birding?

The natural river levees and trails off from HWY 13/17 offer good birding opportunities in bottomland hardwood forests. There are designated parking areas adjacent to HWY 13/17 with nearby access to unmarked trails. All sites, except HWY 13/17, require a boat.

Hunt opportunities: permit required? How does one get a permit?

Special hunt permits are required to hunt on refuge lands. Permits are issued by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Conservation. Applications may be submitted through any one of the approximately 1,200 License Agents i.e. Wal-mart, most sporting goods stores, K-mart etc..., in the state. Application procedures and hunt dates are located in the "Regulations Digest" annually published by the NCWRC. Out-of-state hunters who are unable to get to a NCWRC License Agent can write to: Hunt Permit Applications Division of Wildlife Management 512 N. Salisbury Street Raleigh, NC 27604-1188 and obtain an application form. Photo copies of the application form are acceptable.
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Last Updated: 1/31/13