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We have developed three different Special Use Permit (SUP) forms which would enable the public to engage in activities on a national wildlife refuge.

To meet OMB requirements that encourage electronic information collection, we designed the new forms as both the application and the permit.  These new forms are available to the public online in a fillable format.  It is now possible for prospective permittees to fill out the first pages of the form, print it, sign it, and return it to the refuge for processing.  The permit is not valid until approved and signed by a refuge official.

1.  National Wildlife Refuge System Commercial Activities Special Use Application and Permit (FWS Form 3-1383-C) http://www.fws.gov/forms/3-1383-C.pdf for:

Commercial activities such as guiding hunters, anglers or other outdoor users.
Commercial filming (audio, video, and photographic products of a monetary value)
Agriculture (haying, grazing, crop planting, logging, beekeeping, and other agricultural products)
Cabins (see also the General Special Use Application and Permit described below)

2.  National Wildlife Refuge System Research and Monitoring Special Use Application and Permit (FWS Form 3-1383-R) http://www.fws.gov/forms/3-1383-R.pdf for:

Research and monitoring activities by students, universities, or other nonFWS organizations

3.  National Wildlife Refuge System General Special Use Application and Permit (FWS Form 3-1383-G) http://www.fws.gov/forms/3-1383-G.pdf for:

Miscellaneous events (fishing tournaments, one-time events, other special events)
Cabins/subsistence cabins (depending on the information use requirement, you may need the commercial form)
Education activity
Other (any activity not mentioned above)

The above-referenced activities are not necessarily conducted on every refuge.  Contact the refuge manager to inquire whether we consider the proposed use appropriate or compatible at the individual refuge.