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Children painting fish prints at Kid's Fishing Day 2004Visitors to the hatchery are encouraged to take their time when visiting the hatchery. Visitors are free to tour the facility and meet the hatchery staff. Tour groups of all sizes are welcome at any time; large groups are encouraged to schedule a visit by calling the hatchery office (360-288-2508).

VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES - The hatchery provides local individuals the opportunity to also volunteer by assisting hatchery staff with Kid’s Fishing Day, fish production, and light maintenance activities.   All volunteers compliment our hatchery program and offer valuable support.   In fiscal year 2009 volunteers contributed 2,500 hours to visitor services, administrative support, spawning operations and light maintenance duties.


McDermott Middle School TourHATCHERY HAPPENINGS – Hatchery staff are busy the year round caring for young salmonids.  The rearing cycle begins in October/November/December with the return of adult Coho, Chum, Fall Chinook and Steelhead trout. Over 3 million eggs are collected and incubated.  Spawning typically occurs every Tuesday during these three months. Adults can be seen in the creek and in the hatchery’s holding ponds. While the adults are returning and their eggs are incubating, yearling Coho and Steelhead trout occupy rearing ponds. These fish are fed several times a week. Beginning in early February, young fry are liberated from the incubation trays and placed in rearing tanks and/or ponds. These little fish are fed many times a day! Young fry emerge from the incubation trays well into March.  In April, yearling/smolts Coho are released into Cook Creek. In May, Steelhead trout are released. Amidst the spawning, rearing and releasing of fish, fish marking and tagging takes place. All of our Coho and Steelhead trout are tagged and/or fin clipped. This helps fish biologist estimate the survival rates of fish reared at the Quinault NFH.

KID’S FISHING DAY (Let’s Go Outside!)  –Due to fish health concerns  the Quinault NFH will not be having a Kid’s Fishing Day event. Please check out the National Boating and Fishing website for other Kid’s Fishing Day opportunities. http://www.rbff.org/page.cfm?pageID=11

Hatchery Contacts:

Contact Information
Phone 360-288-2508
Email Quinaultnfh@fws.gov
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Last updated: February 15, 2012
Quinault National Fish Hatchery
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