Important Documents
FY12 Activity Dictionary (PDF - 1066 KB)
ABC Coding Templates
T&A Worksheet
FWS Operational Plan
Directorate Rules for ABC
FY05 - FY10 Subactivity Codes & Programs
FY05 - FY06 Crosswalk
FWS to DOI Crosswalk
FY06 - FY08 Included / Excluded Costs
How to Correct ABC Errors in FFS
DOI Strategic Plan
How to Compare Cognos to Brio (Word - 1.2 MB)
Management Tools
Manager Analysis Workbook
What-if Scenarios for Resource Planning


Related Links

The following websites provide valuable information regarding how the FWS ABC initiative fits into the larger picture of both the President’s Management Agenda and the DOI Strategic Plan. These sites are here to help you further your understanding of ABC, the reasons behind the implementation, and how it will affect FWS.

DOI Strategic Plan: The Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) seeks to make the federal government more accountable to the American people for the tax dollars it spends and the results it achieves. The Department of the Interior is complying with GPRA by developing a performance management system that provides useful information to managers and promotes accountability for results. GPRA has three main components, strategic plans, annual performance plans, and annual performance reports.

President’s Management Agenda: The President's Management Agenda is an aggressive strategy for improving the management of the Federal government, focusing upon five areas of management weakness across the government. The site will provide information on Cost & Performance Management and give insight as to why DOI is using ABC.

DOI Deputy Secretaries Memo: This memo details the ABC initiative and the details behind the process for each bureau.

DOI ABC Website: This site is geared towards providing information on DOI’s Activity Based Costing Implementation. This site includes the purpose of the initiative, an introduction to ABC, the DOI Activity Dictionary, as well as a calendar of important events. The site will help to define why FWS is implementing ABC.

DOI EMIS Progress: The purpose of this site is to detail the relationship between ABCM and Departmental-wide Enterprise Management Information System. This site contains information on DOI’s Integrated Business Management, including planning direction and management tools. You will find answers to many of your questions regarding ABC on this site.

DOI ABC/M FAQs: To view a list of DOI Activity-Based Cost Management Frequently Asked Questions please visit this site.

Additional PART Links

White House Information on Using the Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART):

White House Public Report on PART evaluations (ExpectMore.gov):

DOI Office of Planning and Performance Management PART Information Page:


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