Important Documents
FY12 Activity Dictionary (PDF - 1066 KB)
ABC Coding Templates
T&A Worksheet
FWS Operational Plan
Directorate Rules for ABC
FY05 - FY10 Subactivity Codes & Programs
FY05 - FY06 Crosswalk
FWS to DOI Crosswalk
FY06 - FY08 Included / Excluded Costs
How to Correct ABC Errors in FFS
DOI Strategic Plan
How to Compare Cognos to Brio (Word - 1.2 MB)
Management Tools
Manager Analysis Workbook
What-if Scenarios for Resource Planning


Activity-Based Costing

DOI Strategic Plan (4 Mission Areas)
    arrows connecting DOI Strategic Plan and FWS Operational Plan  
   arrows connecting FWS Operational Plan, SES Performance Standards, and ProgramsFWS Operational Plan
(LT and Annual Goals and Measures)
   arrows connecting FWS Operational Plan and Programs  
SES Performance
Long-Term & Annual Perforamnce
Goals & Measures
arrow connecting PART OMB Reviews and ProgramsPART
OMB Reviews
arrow connecting Process Goals to SES Performance Standards arrow connecting Mission Goals to SES Performance Standards arrow connecting Programs to Link Performance Budget  
 Link to Performance Budget:
- Program Perormance Measures
- Program Workload Measures
arrow connecting ABC activities and tasks to Performance BudgetABC
Activities & Tasks cost to PM & Goals
ADs RDs & ADs   arrow connecting $ & Staff to ABC Activities & Tasks cost to PM & Goals
      $ & Staff

Costs (labor and non-labor) that are captured through FWS work activities are linked to specific sets of measures and goals providing a full cost for goal achievement by program goal and by Service goal. Costs will be viewed by unit and in total.


•  Activity-Based Costing pilot implementation using FY2002 data to develop regional models and activity dictionary


•  Activities defined and tracked through FWS Time and Attendance System beginning January 2004
•  Link activities to:
    - DOI Strategic goals
    - FWS Operational goals
    - FWS Program goals
•  Identify drivers of cost to goals - workload measures
•  Measure performance and develop unit costs for each activity or process



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