Important Documents
FY12 Activity Dictionary (PDF - 1066 KB)
ABC Coding Templates
T&A Worksheet
FWS Operational Plan
Directorate Rules for ABC
FY05 - FY10 Subactivity Codes & Programs
FY05 - FY06 Crosswalk
FWS to DOI Crosswalk
FY06 - FY08 Included / Excluded Costs
How to Correct ABC Errors in FFS
DOI Strategic Plan
How to Compare Cognos to Brio (Word - 1.2 MB)
Management Tools
Manager Analysis Workbook
What-if Scenarios for Resource Planning


Prior Month's Tips

December 2006 Tip - When you are using Cognos Analysis Studio or Enterprise Planning it is important that you turn off all Pop-Up-Blockers to ensure the software works properly. This includes your Internet Explorer Pop-Up-Blocker as well as any additional Pop-Up-Blockers such as a Google or Yahoo Toolbar blocker.

Click here to view a 10 second video showing how to turn off these Pop-Up-Blockers.

November 2006 Tip - If you are a newly designated Contributor or Reviewer for Cognos Enterprise Planning, you should complete the online course available in DOI Learn. If you are designated as a Contributor, you should take the Enterprise Planning Contributor course. If you are a Reviewer, you should take the Enterprise Planning Reviewer course.

October 2006 Tip - Now that we are in FY 2007, employees should use the new FY07 ABC Activity Dictionary and FY07 T&A Worksheet (Excel - 1.7 MB)to select and record the proper ABC codes. The FY07 Activity Dictionary contains 2 new ABC Codes for IT and several modifications to clarify the titles & definitions for existing ABC codes.

September 2006 Tip - In the 2006 ABC Survey, many employees expressed a desire to view a report detailing how they code their time for a particular quarter or series of quarters. To obtain this report, employees should contact one of the ABC contacts in their region and request the desired report. A listing of all ABC contacts throughout the Service is on the Cost and Performance Management Portal located here.

August 2006 Tip - For those who are licensed to use the Cognos PowerPlay and ReportNet analysis tools:
If you are looking for a quick, convenient way to brush up on the key PowerPlay and ReportNet skills take a look at the
Cognos Video Tutorials. We have a number of brief (2 - 3 minute) video tutorials. Make sure to turn your volume up, then sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

July 2006 Tip - Did you know that there is an Online Version of the ABC Activity Dictionary. This version of the dictionary makes it easy to navigate and find the appropriate ABC codes. We recommend that you bookmark the Online Activity Dictionary and reference it when completing your T&A.

June 2006 Tip - When completing your T&A Worksheet divide your workday into quarters and select the most appropriate ABC code for each quarter of the day. Keep in mind that you may choose the same code for all four quarters of the day.


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