Important Documents
FY12 Activity Dictionary (PDF - 1066 KB)
ABC Coding Templates
T&A Worksheet
FWS Operational Plan
Directorate Rules for ABC
FY05 - FY10 Subactivity Codes & Programs
FY05 - FY06 Crosswalk
FWS to DOI Crosswalk
FY06 - FY08 Included / Excluded Costs
How to Correct ABC Errors in FFS
DOI Strategic Plan
How to Compare Cognos to Brio (Word - 1.2 MB)
Management Tools
Manager Analysis Workbook
What-if Scenarios for Resource Planning


FWS FY10 Online Activity Dictionary

The FWS standardized, cross-functional activity dictionary, encompasses all processes and activities of the Service and link to DOI Activities. The codes reflected in this dictionary are included in the FPPS and FFS system, which have been used for live time tracking. These codes will also be used on the time tracking sheets that each employee will complete and provide to their timekeepers. Each Activity is defined below with some activities containing generic guidance regarding how to use the code. Please contact your ABC Regional representative for further guidance on selecting and/or identifying the appropriate work activity.

We recommend that for the links in black, you right click and choose Save Target As to download each file. The links in red are web versions of the activities and work descriptions so you do not need to right click.

ABC Guidance to Employees

Guidance for Chesapeake Bay Coding

Directorate Rules for ABC

ABC Coding Templates

ARRA/Stimulus Bill Coding Templates

FY12 Activity Dictionary (PDF - 1,056 KB)

FY10 Activity Dictionary (Web version)

FY10 Activity Dictionary (PDF - 889 KB)

FY09 Activity Dictionary (PDF - 1,024 KB)

FY08 Activity Dictionary (PDF - 888 KB)

FY07 Activity Dictionary (PDF - 1773 KB)

Improvements to the Activity Based Costing (ABC) System for FY 2007

Changes to the Activity Dictionary for FY 2007

Deputy Director's Memo on Changes to ABC for FY 2007

FY06 Activity Dictionary (PDF - 1.7 MB)

FY05 Activity Dictionary (PDF - 588 KB)

FY04 Activity Dictionary (PDF - 588 KB)

Director's Memo: Ensuring the Accuracy of ABC Coding

FY 2005 to FY 2006 Activity Crosswalk

How to Correct Errors on ABC Reporting in FFS


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