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FY12 Activity Dictionary (PDF - 1066 KB)
ABC Coding Templates
T&A Worksheet
FWS Operational Plan
Directorate Rules for ABC
FY05 - FY10 Subactivity Codes & Programs
FY05 - FY06 Crosswalk
FWS to DOI Crosswalk
FY06 - FY08 Included / Excluded Costs
How to Correct ABC Errors in FFS
DOI Strategic Plan
How to Compare Cognos to Brio (Word - 1.2 MB)
Management Tools
Manager Analysis Workbook
What-if Scenarios for Resource Planning


Welcome to the FWS Conservation Business Management Website

Purpose of ABC/M and Performance Management Implementation at the Fish and Wildlife Service

In an effort to improve budget formulation, justification, and performance measurement,the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) has implemented cost and performance management tools. Activity-based cost management (ABC/M), is a cost accounting and management tool that provides the Service with improved visibility into the full costs of operations and outputs. The performance management system tracks and maintains the Service's accomplishments for reporting GPRA, PART and other internal measures.

The FWS Conservation Business Management Website provides up-to-date information related to the ABC/M and performance management effort. The page is organized into five main sections:  Activity Based Cost Management, Performance Planning and Goals Tracking, Cost & Performance Integration, Key Concepts and Training, and Employee Performance Plan. A Help section is also provided. For more information on navigating the website please click here for the Site Map.

What's New - Updated 3/28/2012
Phasing Out Activity Based Cost (ABC) Coding and Reporting - Effective Immediately
FWS Memo - Phasing Out Activity Based Cost Coding and Reporting signed 03-12-2012.pdf
FY12 ABC: Due to the implementation of the Financial and Business Management System (FBMS), the guidance for ABC has been updated for FY 2012. The ABC code is now an element within the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in FBMS and the number of available ABC codes for each budget subactivity/job number has been reduced. Additionally, the facilities and maintenance ABC codes were consolidated. The 13 existing facilities codes have been removed from the dictionary (8B - 8P) and two new codes have been added (8Q and 8R). Please review the FY 2012 dictionary for more information.
Analysis Studio/Reports
ABC Related Documents
FY12 Activity Dictionary Online and Hard Copy


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