Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region

Pea Island Visitor Center

You'll feel like you've arrived home when you walk into the Pea Island Visitor Center! The bright, pleasant, friendly atmosphere makes visitors want to "pull up a chair" and "sit for a spell".... and that's what a lot of them do!!

A spotting scope is set-up in front of three large windows that overlook North Pond. There's a comfortable bench, and there are always lots of friendly folks to talk with.

There's plenty of information, leaflets, maps, and lots of wildlife exhibits.

The Coastal Wildlife Refuge Society operates a book store/gift shop that offers over 200 book titles and a broad assortment of t-shirts, caps, totes, and all kinds of educational materials. All the profit goes to support refuge programs.



Conversation between guests and staff at the Visitor Center
People using telescope at the visitor center




Last Updated: 3/20/13