Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region

Wildlife Trails

North Pond Wildlife Trail begins immediately behind the Visitor Center. The trail wanders along the top of the dike between North Pond and New Field Ponds. It's one-half-mile long, and universally accessible.

North Pond Wildlife Trail offers a boardwalk over our "turtle pond" (full of freshwater turtles... mostly sliders), three observation platforms, and one double decker tower. All the observation structures have interpretive panels and permanently mounted binocular spotting scopes. From the top of the tower, visitors can see the entire cross-section of a barrier island.

Salt Flats Trail is located at the north end of North Pond. Similar to North Pond Trail, Salt Flats Trail travels along the top of the dike between North Pond and the Salt Flats area.

Both trails provide excellent opportunities for wildlife observation and photography.

Birders watching birds through binoculars
Visitors enjoying the view from outlook platform





Last Updated: 3/20/13