Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region

Crabbing Rodeo - Scheduled June 14, 2014 9am til noon

Each year, the Pea Island Crabbing/Fishing Rodeo is held the second Saturday in June from 9 am until noon.

Participants are encouraged to bring everything they need for the morning, including sunscreen, insect repellant, food, drink, chairs, etc.

Note: Success varies from year-to-year. Some years, almost everyone (sometimes as many as 500 people) takes home a full bucket of crabs. Some years, catch is much smaller. But, it's always a fun time for the entire family.

For more information, contact the Refuge Visitor Center at 252-987-2394.

Note, beginning 2014, the Crabbing Rodeo will not have any sort of prize drawing. We invite families and individuals to come out and enjoy a morning of fun, wildlife-dependent recreation on Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge! Your "prize" will be the fun you have and the fish or crabs you catch!!

Scroll down for pictures!

People crabbing at crabbing rodeoChild displaying caught crab

Adult displaying caught crab

Last Updated: 3/20/13