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4/07/2014 Comment Period Extended for Proposals to Protect Bi-State Distinct Population Segment of Greater Sage-Grouse
2/12/2014 Draft Economic Analysis Available on Proposed Critical Habitat Rule for Webber’s Ivesia--Public Comment Period Opens
12/19/2013 Comment Period Extended for Bi‐State Distinct Population Segment of Greater Sage‐Grouse
10/30/2013 Devils Hole pupfish 2013 fall population survey
10/25/2013 Bi-State Distinct Population Segment of Greater Sage-Grouse Proposed for Protection under Endangered Species Act
10/22/2013 Western Yellow-Billed Cuckoo Proposed for Federal Protection. Service Seeks Public Comments by December 2, 2013.
09/18/2013 Service Protects the Mount Charleston Blue Butterfly under the Endangered Species Act
08/26/2013 Statement Regarding Media Reports on Status of Desert Tortoise at the
Desert Tortoise Conservation Center in Nevada
08/01/2013 Proposed Listing and Proposed Critical Habitat for Webber’s Ivesia, Not Warranted Determination for Soldier Meadow Cinquefoil
04/25/2013 Devils Hole Pupfish 2013 Spring Population Survey
03/26/2013 Report To Help Guide Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation Objectives (2.5MB PDF)
03/18/2013 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Initiates Review of the Status of West Coast Fisher Population
02/04/2013 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes to Protect the Wolverine.
01/29/2013 Federal and State Wildlife Officials Urge Keeping Wild Tortoises Wild and Captive Tortoises Captive.
01/02/2013 The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Identifies Important Habitat for Recovery of Southwestern Willow Flycatcher.
11/28/2012 The elongate Mud Meadows springsnail, a freshwater snail native to Soldier Meadows in Nevada, is one of three species to be removed from candidate status by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced it is requesting comments on an incidental take permit application from Spring Mountain Raceway, LLC, and a low-effect Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP).
Devils Hole pupfish experience population decline
Endangered Species Act protection not warranted for Spring Mountains acastus checkerspot butterfly
Service proposes to protect the Mt. Charleston blue butterfly and five similar butterflies under the Endangered Species Act
Agency seeks information from the public, scientific community before making final decision
Partners Honored For Conservation
12 Month Status Review of Four Great Basin Butterflies Finds Listing Not Warranted
FWS Releases Draft Report to Help Guide Sage-Grouse Conservation Objectives
Two Spring Mountains butterflies warrant review for possible protection under the Endangered Species Act
Endangered Species Act protection not warranted for four species of Nevada sand dune beetles
Fish and Wildlife Service Seeks Input on Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Critical Habitat Proposal
American Black Bear Does Not Warrant Protection Under The Endangered Species Act
Service Recommends Downlisting Two Species, No Status Change for 26 Others; Initiates Status Review of 25 Species
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Initiate Status Review of Eastern Population of Boreal Toad
Greater Sage-grouse Maps Available for Public Comment
USDA and Interior Announce Wildlife Conservation Efforts to Support Local Economies and Preserve Farm and Ranch Traditions

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