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Habitat Conservation

Project Planning and Permits


The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service is the voice for our nation's fish and wildlife resources and their habitats. We work with Federal construction agencies during project planning, permitting, and construction to ensure that impacts to our natural resources are avoided, minimized, and mitigated.

River dredge

Fish and Wildlife Service biologists work with project proponents to design dredging operations that minimize impacts to riverine ecosystems where the dredging occurs and to the terrestrial areas where the dredged material is placed.


Some of the types of Federal projects that we review include highway construction, cell towers, mining, energy development, flood control, and navigation. All of these projects provide public benefits but they can also harm the environment without adequate thought and planning. When fish and wildlife resources are an included perspective during planning, impacts can be eliminated, reduced, and mitigated. For example, impacts from highway construction can be minimized by taking the least destructive alignment, minimizing rights-of-way, and including erosion control measures. The result is cleaner water and more natural areas for fish, wildlife, and us.


For more information about our role in project planning and permits, see the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's national Federal Activities website.


If you have questions about our review of specific Federal Projects, please contact our Field Office in the state of interest.


Resources for Project Planners


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Bird Corridor Maps (Diurnal)






Communication Tower Guidelines

2013 Revised Guidance on Communication Towers - Guidelines only


Supporting Information for the 2013 Revised Guidance on Communication Towers - Includes Guidelines and supporting information. This document begins with information from a webinar presented by Dr. Albert M. Manville.



Section 7 Consultation

S7 Technical Assistance

Endangered Species State and County Distributions


Wind Energy Development

Midwest Wind Energy Website

National Wind Energy Website

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Guidance




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