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Michigan Monkey-flower
(Mimulus michiganensis)


Photo of Michigan monkey-flower

A botanist was once served a sprig of Michigan monkey-flower as a garnish on a restaurant dinner plate, leading to the discovery of a new population of this species!


Status: Endangered


Habitat: This plant is found in mucky soil and sand that is saturated or covered by cold, flowing spring water. Nearly all known populations of the monkey-flower occur near present or past shorelines of the Great Lakes.


Why It's Threatened: Recreational and residential development are the main threats to this aquatic and semi-aquatic species. Increased construction along lakes and streams has destroyed monkey-flower habitat, including three known populations of the flower. Because the monkey-flower needs flowing spring water, road construction and other activities that affect water drainage also affect the species. Michigan monkey-flowers now survive at only 12 sites in Michigan. Two-thirds of the plants are on private property.


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Last updated: July 16, 2014