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Proposed Shiloh Launch Complex


Space Florida is proposing to develop and operate a commercial space launch site (the proposed Shiloh Launch Complex) on approximately 200 acres in the Shiloh area of Merritt Island NWR, within the boundaries of the Kennedy Space Center. Space Florida will be required to obtain a Launch Site Operator License from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  The FAA will develop an Environmental Impact Statement to evaluate the potential environmental impacts of constructing and operating the proposed Shiloh Launch Complex.  A Notice of Intent was published in the Federal Register to announce this proposed project.


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) sent a technical assistance letter to the FAA, outlining the concerns of the Service.

The Service sent a letter to FAA on February 21, 2014 outlining additional concerns.

The Service sent a letter to FAA on August 27, 2014 regarding the Section 106 compliance process.

For more information, the FAA has developed a website for the proposed project:


History of Shiloh

Potential Issues

NEPA Analysis NASA-FWS Agreement
Additional Concerns




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