Africa Program 2014

Total Number of Grants Awarded 20
Total Funds Distributed Through Grants $8,521,763
Total Partner Contributions Leveraged by Grants $8,544,146
Total Number of Countries that Received Program Support 7

From the Serengeti plains to the lush Congo Basin, Africa is home to many of the world’s most spectacular animals and ecosystems.  Gorillas, chimpanzees, African elephants and white and black rhinos are just some of the iconic species found only on the continent.  African wildlife and their habitats, however, face many threats.  Human population growth, illegal hunting and the conversion of forests and drylands are increasing.  Mining, logging and petroleum exploration are opening more and more roads into vulnerable wildlife refuges.   And in some countries, political instability continues to hurt the ability of governments to protect and manage wildlife.

To meet these challenges, African wildlife professionals need to have strong conservation capacity.  TheWildlife Without Borders - Africa program is helping institutions and individuals to better manage and conserve species, habitats, and ecological processes for the benefit of the people of Africa and the world.

Zebras and water buffalos cross stream. Credit: Michelle Gadd/ USFWS

Credit: Michelle Gadd/USFWS

Through its partners, Wildlife Without Borders - Africa is working to lessen the impact of threats such as extractive industries, climate change, human-wildlife conflict, illegal trade in bushmeat, and wildlife disease.  It is carrying out these aims through various initiatives:

African Small Grants and Cooperative Agreements: Efforts to reduce threats to wildlife, support protected area management and training, strengthen regional wildlife colleges and universities, and engage decision makers.

Signature Initiatives: MENTOR (Mentoring for ENvironmental Training in Outreach and Resource conservation) builds teams of emerging African conservation leaders to work collaboratively on conservation goals that incorporate partnerships and sustainable development.