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Wolverine:Photo Credit Steve Kroschel


Sage-grouse Photo by: Alan Sands


Slickspot Peppergrass

Slickspot Peppergrass Photo by: Ian Robertson



Southern Selkirk Mountains Caribou

Caribou-Photo by:USFWS


Bull Trout

Bulltrout Phot By: B. Gammet



Gray Wolf

Gray Wolf Photo by: Scott Flaherty


Proposed Revised Critical Habitat Designation for Canada Lynx

Canada Lynx

To tailor current protections for unique conservation needs, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing a revision of currently designated critical habitat for the Canada lynx. The Canada lynx is listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act with critical habitat units in Maine, Minnesota, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Wyoming. The proposal is considering the exclusion of some tribal lands and lands with existing conservation plans, and a revised boundary of the lynx distinct population segment (DPS). Hearings will be held in Montana and Maine with public commentary on the proposed rule accepted until December 26, 2013.

Press Release, Proposed Rule and Public Hearing Information

Federal Register

Canada Lynx Fact Sheet

Northern Idaho Ground Squirrel

Northern Idaho Ground Squirrel Photo Credit USFWS

Northern Idaho Ground Squirrel 5 Year Review

News Release (PDF 135 KB)

5-Year Review (PDF 1.04 MB)

Squirrel Comparison and Ranges (PDF 3MB)

The five-year review of the northern Idaho ground squirrel (Spermophilus brunneus brunneus) has been completed. The animal, found only in Idaho's Adams and Valley counties, will remain protected as a threatened species. The Service commends partnership work on northern Idaho ground squirrel recovery.




















Last updated: October 31, 2013