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Collections recovered from the Steamboat Bertrand on display, DoSoto National Wildlife Refuge. Animated graphic that says - Learn, discover, protect


Museum collections held by USFWS consists primarily of archaeological objects and their associated records, but also includes natural history specimens, historic objects, documents, art, photographs, and ethnographic items. USFWS has an estimated 5.6 million museum items and documents.

The Museum Property program is a subset of the larger USFWS Cultural Resources Management Program. The objectives of the Museum Property program are to identify, preserve, and interpret museum objects that are stored or on display at twenty USFWS and non-USFWS facilities.

You may contact Mr. Eugene Marino, USFWS National Museum Property Coordinator, 703-358-2173 for more information about the USFWS Museum Property program.

A fact sheet (122 KB PDF) for the program is also available with additional information.


Last Updated: October 18, 2012

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