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Historic Cabin at Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska Animated graphic that says - Learn, discover, protect

Heritage Tourism Overview

Already known among U.S. travelers for their natural resource education opportunities, increasing numbers of American and International travelers are also learning that refuges can offer unique heritage tourism experiences such as visits to historic buildings, hikes along historic trails, public education and displays about pre-historic lifeways within a particular environment.

Heritage tourism focuses on travel opportunities that allow visitors to experience the history of an area through interactive programs. Heritage tourism is also the fastest growing travel category accounting for about 81% of Americans who traveled to public lands for vacations in 2004.

Heritage tourism activities in the USFWS focus on education and informing visitors about unique historical events that have occurred within or along refuge borders while at the same time emphasizing the need and importance of preserving and protecting USFWS historic and cultural resources so that they can continue to educate the public.

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