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Our staff biologists offer expertise in coastal Maine ecology, conservation biology, GIS and database management, habitat restoration, protection and assessment techniques, federal grant writing, and outreach.

  Cheryl Boisvert - Administrative Assistant
Office administration.
(207) 781-8364 x 10

  Serena Doose - Fish and Wildlife Biologist
Stream temperature monitoring and modeling, aquatic connectivity projects, website and database management, and coastal restoration.
(207) 781-8364 x 15

Picture of Bob Houston Bob Houston - Senior Fish and Wildlife Biologist
GIS, database management computer systems management and coordination, seabird island restoration.
(207) 781-8364 x 11

  Sandra Lary - Senior Fish and Wildlife Biologist
Coastal wetland and river restoration for diadromous fish and migratory birds.
(207) 781-8364 x 19

Picture of Jed Wright Jed Wright - Project Leader
Habitat assessment, protection, and restoration for Atlantic salmon.
(207) 781-8364 x 12



Last updated: May 29, 2015

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