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ARCATA FWO: Humboldt Bay Habitat Goals Advisory Committee
California-Nevada Offices , December 31, 2008
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Humboldt Bay is comprised of many varied habitats. (photos: USFWS) 
Humboldt Bay is comprised of many varied habitats. (photos: USFWS)  - Photo Credit: n/a

by William Pinnix, Arcata FWO
Subtidal and intertidal habitats in Humboldt Bay and the Eel River Estuary have not been the focus of much research and consequently the location and abundance of habitats and their utilization by aquatic species are not well understood.


The Humboldt Bay Habitat Goals Advisory Committee was established to develop a comprehensive, long-term management vision for protection, restoration, and appropriate use of the subtidal/intertidal system in the Humboldt Bay and Eel River Estuary study area.


The committee will identify challenges and threats to the Humboldt Bay-Eel River Estuary ecosystem and provide a scientific basis to guide protection strategies, restoration and research priorities, and management policies of public resource agencies, as well as future decisions involving the preservation, enhancement, modification and use of subtidal and intertidal habitats.


The committee consists of scientists from California Sea Grant, California Department of Fish and Game, The Nature Conservancy, NOAA Fisheries Protected Resources Division, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Arcata Fish and Wildlife Office Fisheries Program.


A map of benthic habitats in Humboldt Bay and the Eel River estuary will be completed by the NOAA Coastal Services Center using digitized aerial photographs.


Based on ongoing and emerging challenges in Humboldt Bay and the Eel River Estuary, the committee is developing subtidal habitat goals for management, protection, and enhancement based on best available scientific information and with input from scientists, resource managers, local governments, industry, fishermen, environmental organizations, recreational users, and the public.  The group is currently identifying areas of impact reduction, habitat enhancement, and restoration goals for subtidal habitats in Humboldt Bay and the Eel River Estuary and is prioritizing these opportunities. The committee is currently selecting subtidal habitat conservation targets based on species, communities, genetic diversity, ecological systems, distribution and other factors. The committee is providing regular updates to the Humboldt Bay Ecosystem Based Management core group.

Contact Info: William Pinnix, 707-822-7201 x5129, bill_pinnix@fws.gov

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