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From report Urban audience gets an up close look at bird life with OspreyCam!
These 2 #osprey have a great view of #Baltimore skyline. Check them out on the #OspreyCam! http://ow.ly/LfcUy

From report Join One of North America's Most Important Bird Monitoring Programs Today
Calling All Midwest Birders - the North American Breeding Bird Survey Needs You!

From report ARCATA FWO: Turning the Tide for Wildlife on Humboldt Bay
Humboldt Bay Restoration Project Continues to Bask in all its Brackish Glory

Estuaries are considered among the most productive habitats in the world and the opportunity to breach a levee to restore such an important estuary system in California doesn't happen every day. Two winters have now passed since Humboldt Bay's McDaniel's Slough restoration project was completed. We checked in with conservation partners involved in the project to see how things are working out.
From report Encouraging results for a new mussel culture strategy at Genoa National Fish Hatchery

Hi Katie. Hope you're having a nice day.
From report Barkhausen Preserve Coastal Fish and Wildlife Habitat Restoration

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Coastal Program – Great Lakes and Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program provided funding and professional assistance to Ducks Unlimited and worked with other partners to restore degraded wetlands and waterways within and near the Barkhausen Preserve on the west shore of Green Bay. The project benefits many important species of migratory fish and waterfowl.

From report Genoa National Fish Hatchery Visitor Center Dream to Become a Reality

Genoa National Fish Hatchery Visitor Center Dream to Become a Reality
From report Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Joins 1,500 in Welcoming the New Year

A brisk evening marked the refuge’s first time participating in Fort Snelling State Park’s New Year’s Eve Candlelight Walk. The event, an exciting opportunity for the refuge to foster awareness and engage with the local, drew over 1,500 visitors from across the Twin Cities Metropolitan area.
From report YREKA FWO: The Scott River - A Balance of Beaver and Salmon

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service fisheries biologists with the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program are working in the Scott River Basin of California, a tributary of the Klamath River, with private landowners and others to help bring this watershed into balance: a balance of beaver and salmon. Read more at:
From report Fish Community Monitoring and Fish Identification
Fish Community Monitoring and Fish Identification

Fish Community Monitoring and Fish Identification
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