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From report SACRAMENTO FWO: Sacramento Fish and Wildlife Office Partners Granted Over $8M for Conservation
#GoodNews: More than 8 of $35M given nationally is coming to to Northern & Central CA

Good news for endangered species in Northern and Central CA: More than $8M of the $35M awarded nationally to conservation projects within the Sacramento Fish and Wildlife Service’s jurisdiction.
From report Preparing for Disaster
Preparing for Disaster: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service personnel participate in a large scale oil spill exercise.

Preparing for Disaster: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service personnel from Region 3 Regional Office, Ohio Ecological Service Office, and the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge participate in a large scale oil spill exercise in Toledo, Ohio.
From report Great Lakes Piping Plovers Continue Climb Towards Recovery in 2014.

With the last piping plover chicks being released from the salvage captive rearing program on August 21st, another Great Lakes piping plover breeding season is in the books. It was a near record year for the plovers with 70 breeding pairs located in Michigan, Wisconsin and Ontario. This was just shy of the record of 71 located in 2009.
From report My Summer as a salt marsh intern

As a salt marsh intern, I am working with the Land Management Research and Demonstration (LMRD) team. They evaluate and monitor the marsh through measuring the elevation of the surface of the marsh, sampling the fish, and surveying the vegetation as part of the Salt Marsh Integrity (SMI) assessment project.
From report Nekton sampling at Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge Nekton Sampling 2014!
From report U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary of Bete Grise Preserve
The USFWS Coastal Program seeks to create partnerships for coastal conservation, and Bete Grise is a great example.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Coastal Program seeks to create partnerships to catalyze public action and conservation in the Nation’s coastal areas, and the Bete Grise Preserve is a perfect example of just that. The exemplary efforts of wide ranging collaborators are reflected in the beauty of this Preserve, which will continue to be invaluable for future generations.
From report SAN DIEGO NWRC: Secretary Jewell Announces Additional Funding For Urban Engagement Efforts at Southern California Wildlife Refuges

Photo album on the San Diego NWR Complex Facebook page: http://on.fb.me/XiwwAO
From report Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge hosts Camp Sepawonuk

Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge hosted Camp Sepawonuk (Camp Tomorrow) in partnership with staff from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Maine Indian Education (MIE) Syatem. Twenty four middle school students from the Indian Township and Pleasant Point Reservations spent two weeks exploring the Downeast Area including the Moosehorn NWR, City of Calais, and the St. Croix River
From report Cool Summer Learning Experience Students Visit Horicon National Wildlife Refuge

FWS biologists guide Waukegan’s Cool Summer Learning Experience students through a hand’s on experience of the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge. Students searched for aquatic life from the boardwalk and were excited to find frogs, snails, water bugs of all kinds and even some water scorpions. On the boat tour spotted pelicans and bald eagles.
From report KLAMATH FALLS FWO: Relocating Fish in the Klamath
Several groups work together to relocate fish from Upper Klamath’s North Ditch diversion to prepare for fish screen

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