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From report White River Tributary Dam Removal

In the summer of 2014 the Wisconsin DNR partnered with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Fish Passage Program in the removal of a barrier in the White River Fisheries Area to restore fish passage. Approximately 2,400 feet of stream was opened to brook and brown trout. This project will greatly benefit recrational fishing.
From report Mass Marking Program Update: Stocked Chinook Salmon Move Great Distances in Lakes Michigan and Huron
Stocked Chinook salmon move great distances (60-310 mi) between stocking and capture in Lakes Michigan and Huron.

From report Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge Provides Habitat for Rare Connecticut Bee Species

Check out the "buzz" at Stewart B. McKinney!
From report Long Island Piping Plover Protection

Piping plovers are both federally and state listed as endangered and Long Island is currently the only area in the State of Wisconsin where piping plovers nest successfully. The number of chicks fledged has increased to a range 6-12 recently. This welcome trend is can be partially credited to the hard work of the partners in managing the habitat and providing protection for the bird.
From report SACRAMENTO FWO: Sacramento Fish and Wildlife Office Partners Granted Over $8M for Conservation
#GoodNews: More than 8 of $35M given nationally is coming to to Northern & Central CA

Good news for endangered species in Northern and Central CA: More than $8M of the $35M awarded nationally to conservation projects within the Sacramento Fish and Wildlife Service’s jurisdiction.
From report Preparing for Disaster
Preparing for Disaster: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service personnel participate in a large scale oil spill exercise.

Preparing for Disaster: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service personnel from Region 3 Regional Office, Ohio Ecological Service Office, and the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge participate in a large scale oil spill exercise in Toledo, Ohio.
From report Great Lakes Piping Plovers Continue Climb Towards Recovery in 2014.

With the last piping plover chicks being released from the salvage captive rearing program on August 21st, another Great Lakes piping plover breeding season is in the books. It was a near record year for the plovers with 70 breeding pairs located in Michigan, Wisconsin and Ontario. This was just shy of the record of 71 located in 2009.
From report Assabet Youth Stewards Program Motivates Youth to Gain Interest in Environmental Conservation
Summer Youth Volunteer Program Motivates Youth to Gain Interest in Environmental Conservation

The Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge hosted the Assabet Youth Stewards program which met weekly through the Summer 2014. The goal of this program was to get youths ages 12-29 involved with volunteering at the refuge so that they could get hands on experience in conservation work.
From report Genoa National Fish Hatchery Staff Complete Mississippi River Mussel Survey

Please post to the GNFH facebook cage.
From report My Summer as a salt marsh intern

As a salt marsh intern, I am working with the Land Management Research and Demonstration (LMRD) team. They evaluate and monitor the marsh through measuring the elevation of the surface of the marsh, sampling the fish, and surveying the vegetation as part of the Salt Marsh Integrity (SMI) assessment project.
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