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From report My Summer as a salt marsh intern

As a salt marsh intern, I am working with the Land Management Research and Demonstration (LMRD) team. They evaluate and monitor the marsh through measuring the elevation of the surface of the marsh, sampling the fish, and surveying the vegetation as part of the Salt Marsh Integrity (SMI) assessment project.
From report Nekton sampling at Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge Nekton Sampling 2014!
From report Cool Summer Learning Experience Students Visit Horicon National Wildlife Refuge

FWS biologists guide Waukegan’s Cool Summer Learning Experience students through a hand’s on experience of the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge. Students searched for aquatic life from the boardwalk and were excited to find frogs, snails, water bugs of all kinds and even some water scorpions. On the boat tour spotted pelicans and bald eagles.
From report KLAMATH FALLS FWO: Relocating Fish in the Klamath
Several groups work together to relocate fish from Upper Klamath’s North Ditch diversion to prepare for fish screen

From report Birds and Bagels at Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge

The 4th Annual Birds and Bagels event was sponsored by the Rachel Carson NWR Land Management Research and Demonstration program on July 18, 2014 at 6:30 AM in Wells, Maine. The purpose of the event was to allow eight interns and bio technicians to expand their birding experience by visiting a site with an expert birder in a different habitat off the refuge.
From report Chicago’s “Fishin’ Buddies” Students Search for Box Turtles at Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge

Chicago “Fishin’ Buddies” Students learn about ornate box turtle conservation from Refuge Biologist and native Chicagoan Jeramie Strickland. Students searched among the prickly pear cactus before getting a close-up encounter with one of the turtles.
From report SACRAMENTO FWO: A Day with the Giant Garter Snake
Ever wished you could spot an endangered species? @UsfwsSacArea biologist got to do even more recently.

Ever wished you could spot an endangered species? @UsfwsSacArea biologist Lily Douglas got to do even more than that recently.
From report Why does a fish hatchery need a particle counter?

Please post to the GNFH facebook page when this article is processed.
From report Making Sturgeon Babies

Making lake sturgeon babies at Genoa! Read more http://go.usa.gov/9m3Q
From report Moosehorn National Wildlife  Refuge to Sponsor Downeast Birding Festival
Bird Downeast May 22 to May 26 at Moosehorn NWR

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