Fisheries and Habitat Conservation

Climate Change and Fisheries and Habitat Conservation

Polar Bear and a Barrier Island on the Alaska Arctic Coast
Beach erosion

FHC will remain a leader in addressing necessary management adaptations. As global temperatures increase, sea ice melts, and sea level rises, species will face rapidly changing environments. FHC is working to address climate change, specifically in terms of aquatic resources and habitat.

  • Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation Offices are:
    • monitoring and assessing risk of fish populations and aquatic habitat
    • coordinating climate change planning, recovery, restoration, and management activities
    • preparing for climate change through its effort to restore aquatic habitat through barrier removal and active restoration of instream and wetland areas

  • The Partners Program is:
    • building and supporting partnership-based conservation for climate change initiatives
    • building trust with partner groups to facilitate future management actions resulting from, or in anticipation of, climate change

  • The Coastal Program is:
    • assessing coastal ecosystems to ensure that the proper ecosystem components, most notably sediment deposition, are in place to allow for adaptation to sea-level rise resulting from climate change
    • preparing for restoration needs in the event of larger and more frequent coastal storms

  • The Aquatic Nuisance Species Program is:
    • anticipating the spread and potential impacts of invasive and generally non-native species due to climate change
    • preventing the introduction and spread of invasive species, responding to new introductions, and controlling established invaders to ensure that native species will be able to adapt to climate change

  • The National Fish Hatchery System is:
    • detecting and tracking emerging fish health issues with the National Wild Fish Health Survey.
    • applying DNA technology at Fish Health Centers and Fish Technology Centers to determine disease origin and transmission patterns.
Last updated: November 4, 2011
Fisheries and Habitat Conservation
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