Fisheries and Habitat Conservation

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Under the leadership of the Assistant Director for the Fisheries and Habitat Conservation Program, several major Programs: Environmental Contaminants, Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Conservation, and Habitat and Resource Conservation, share a common commitment to resource conservation. These programs work toward the common goal of healthy fish and wildlife, healthy habitat, healthy people, and a healthy economy.

Strong conservation partnerships within Fisheries and Habitat Conservation (FHC) contribute to a seamless national network supporting on-the-ground strategic conservation. Working with our many partners among the states, tribes, other federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, and universities, we provide a unique conservation capacity at the landscape level through our programmatic diversity and dedicated workforce committed to sustaining abundant, diverse, and healthy populations of fish, wildlife, and plants. FHC's field capacity encompasses all 50 states, all eco-regions, and all Landscape Conservation Cooperatives. As we face habitat changes due to climate change, FHC will remain a leader in addressing necessary management adaptations. As global temperatures increase, sea ice melts, and sea level rises, species will face rapidly changing environments. FHC is working to address climate change, specifically in terms of aquatic resources and habitat. FHC is committed to working with partners to:

  • Protect the health of our lands and waters.
  • Restore and Conserve fish and wildlife resources
  • Provide opportunities to enjoy the benefits of healthy natural resources


Fisheries and Habitat Conservation is an integrated and effective program that achieves strategic and meaningful on-the-ground conservation of our trust resources.


Fisheries and Habitat Conservation maximizes resources to the field, fostering collaboration with partners to protect and restore fish and wildlife habitats strategically in a landscape-based approach, and conserving our Nation’s natural resources for America’s future generations.
Last updated: November 4, 2011
Fisheries and Habitat Conservation
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