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Listing Workplan | Fiscal Years 2013-2018

As part of a court-approved settlement, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) has committed to publish certain Endangered Species Act (ESA) listing actions – petition findings, listing determinations, critical habitat designations – in Fiscal Years 2013-2018. The agreement is intended to significantly reduce ESA-related litigation and allow the agency to focus its resources on the species most in need of ESA protection.

View the Listing Workplan for fiscal years 2013-2018:

2013-2018 Listing Workplan [320KB]        2013-2018 Listing Workplan [Excel spreadsheet: 96.6KB]

View the listing accomplishments report (October 2014):

Listing Accomplishments [216KB]        Listing Accomplishments [Excel spreadsheet: 43KB]

Oregon spotted frog. Photo Credit: Teal Waterstrat, USFWS
Oregon spotted frog.
Teal Waterstrat, USFWS

Most of these actions included in the workplan are for candidate species—species that the Service had previously determined warrant a listing proposal but for which the Service have not yet been able to initiate the listing process. The ESA, and various court approved settlement agreements, require the Service to act on all these listing duties. This workplan reflects an orderly schedule for doing so.

This workplan applies biological priorities and a balancing of workload across fiscal years for the affected Regions to schedule listing actions. Our purpose in posting this multi-year workplan is to inform other agencies and the public when these actions are scheduled, so that they can plan their actions that might be affected by this schedule, e.g., conducting surveys or research to help inform our decisions, initiating conservation planning, or conferencing on proposed listings or critical habitat designations.

While this workplan is subject to revision due to unanticipated work demands or changes in the availability of funds or staffing during this planning timeframe, it is our intention to minimize changes to the dates for individual listing actions so as to maximize predictability for other agencies and the public. The Service also anticipates initiating other listing actions within this planning horizon, particularly in Fiscal Years 2017 and 2018. This workplan includes actions subject to MDL and other settlement agreements and court orders effective as of the date posted. We will update this workplan periodically to reflect additions or other changes.

Last updated: October 9, 2014