Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region

General Refuge Regulations
State and Federal regulations are enforced on Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge. Specific Refuge regulations are addressed in Title 50 Code of Federal Regulations. The following is a list of reminders:

  • Permits are required for all Refuge hunting/ fishing activities.
  • Possession or use of alcoholic beverages, littering, camping, fires, and trapping are all prohibited.
  • Horses and mules are prohibited on the refuge during the muzzleloader and modern gun deer hunts.  Horseback riding is permitted on refuge-graveled roads and the portions of the abandoned railroad tracks owned by the refuge for access purposes while engaged in wildlife activities only. Horses and mules are not permitted off these secondary access routes for any purpose.
  • The use of nails, wire, screws or bolts to attach a stand to a tree, or hunting from a tree into which a metal object has been driven to support a hunter is prohibited.
  • The use of flagging tape not marked as biodegradable by the manufacturer, reflective tacks, or other non-biodegradable devices/ materials used to identify paths, mark tree stands, blinds, or other areas is prohibited.
  • Searching for or removal of any object of antiquity including arrowheads, pottery or other artifacts is prohibited.
  • Target practice with any weapon or non-hunting discharge of firearms is prohibited.
  • The Sharpe-Elva Water Management Units are closed to all entry from November 1 through March 30, with the exception of drawn permit holders.  During periods of high water or flood, unauthorized persons shall not enter upon the Sharpe-Elva Water Management Units by boat for any purpose. 
  • High water or flood conditions do not affect or change the closed area boundaries, which are marked with white “Area Beyond This Sign Closed” signs.
  • Taking of wildlife (outside legal hunting season) or plants (including cutting trees and brush) is prohibited.
  • No unauthorized person shall use or direct the rays of a spotlight, other artificial light, or automotive headlights for the purpose of spotting, locating or taking any animal within the boundaries of the refuge or along right-of-way for public or private roads within the refuge.
  • It is prohibited to hunt any wildlife by the aid of or distributing any feed, salt or other minerals.
  • The use or possession of electronic calls is not permitted, with exception of taking crow during crow season.


  • Firearms, archery tackle, and crossbows are not permitted unless used in an authorized Refuge hunting activity. 
  • No person shall discharge a firearm or carry a loaded firearm on or within 200 feet of any home and within 100 feet of the abandoned railroad tracks owned by the refuge and graveled refuge roads. (Loaded firearm is defined as shells in gun or cap on muzzleloader.)
  • The use or possession of any lead shot is prohibited on the Refuge with the exception of lead shot ammunition legal for the taking of turkey during statewide turkey seasons.  This regulation does not apply to rim fire or center fire ammunition.
  • Shotguns are limited to no larger than 10 gauges.  All shotgun ammunition must meet legal shot size requirements for each species being hunted.  (The use of rifles and pistols on small game is limited to rim fire only.)


  • The use of all-terrain vehicles and/or any unlicensed vehicle is prohibited. 
  • Licensed vehicles are permitted on open graveled roadways only.  Abandoned railroad tracks are not considered a roadway.  Vehicles blocking refuge gates will be towed. 
  • Bicycles are permitted on refuge graveled roads and portions of the abandoned railroad tracks that are owned by the Clarks River NWR.


  • Dogs are allowed for hunting migratory birds, squirrel, raccoon, opossum, rabbit, quail and turkey during designated seasons only.  Other dogs and pets must be confined or on a leash.
  • The running or training of dogs outside the hunting season for a particular species is permitted by special use permits only. 

For details and/or clarification to refuge regulations, please contact the Refuge. For a complete list of regulations, including area specific regulations, bag limits, and hunting season dates, please obtain a copy of our current hunting/fishing brochure - which can be viewed by clicking here


Last Updated: 1/26/10