Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region
Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Service be condemning land to create this refuge?

It is not the Service’s policy to use condemnation. Also, all of the funds obtained so far for land acquisition have a stipulation attached to them which forbids expending those funds on condemned land.

Will hunting be allowed?

Yes. The refuge is open to hunting according to special regulations contained in the current refuge hunting and fishing brochure. The brochure, when signed by the user, serves as the refuge use permit for the hunter or angler.

If I sell my land to the Government, can I still farm it?

In most cases yes, under a cooperative farming agreement worked out with the Service. In some cases, where the land has been historically marginal to poor in production, the Service may decide to discontinue farming practices and restore the land to its original habitat.

What do I do if I am interested in selling my land to the Refuge?

Contact the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Division of Realty at
1-800-419-9582 or contact the Refuge Manager Michael Johnson in Benton, KY at 270-527-5770.

What if I don’t want to sell my land?

You do not have to sell your land to the refuge. This refuge will be acquired from willing sellers only!

Last Updated: 1/26/10