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Photo of Sea Otter

An aerial view of the restored Henderson Park site on the Merced River, December 2015 - Photo Credit: Jesse Anderson, Sr., Cramer Fish Sciences for USFWS

LODI FWO: Re-establishing the Merced River’s Henderson Park for a New Generation

The Merced River was historically a complex, multi-channel river system that began in the Sierra Nevada foothills and spread across the California Central Valley in river channels and floodplains. However, in the early to mid-1900s large mechanical dredges were used to excavate the river and valley floor in search of gold. Today, Henderson Park, the restored area along the north bank of the Merced River in eastern Merced County, offers opportunities for picnicking, fishing, and other river recreation.

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Story Photo

Photo credit: Scott Harding, Salmon River Restoration Council

Fish N' Fire -- Landowners Embrace Latter to help Former

Beautifully rugged and remote, California's Salmon River and Mid-Klamath River country are enveloped by steep mountains and awe-inspiring forests. The Salmon River with its large, free-flowing, un-dammed waters make a nice home for Klamath Basin spring-run and fall- run Chinook salmon, summer, fall and winter steelhead, coho salmon and green sturgeon. A group of landowners from tiny Salmon River and Mid-Klamath River hamlets are embarking on exciting conservation projects this fall that use fire as conservation tool to advance the restoration of fish and the landscapes that surround them.

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Photo of Event

Photo credit: Jon Myatt/USFWS

Thousands Gather as Salmon Return to Battle Creek

Despite a raging downpour earlier in the morning, the 24th Annual “Return of the Salmon Festival” at the Coleman National Fish Hatchery in Anderson, Calif., was a rousing success on Saturday, October 17, according its organizers. More than 4,000 people attended the one-day event, with some traveling from as far away as southern California and Oregon.

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Photo of Dan Frisk

Photo credit: Ashley Spratt/USFWS

Refuge Benefits From Forward-Looking Process to Conserve California's Central Valley

For migrating birds, waterfowl and other wildlife, national wildlife refuges in California's Central Valley likely appear as welcomed islands of calm in a shifting sea of agriculture. For managers of the Service's 10 refuges and six wildlife management areas in California's central valley, the outlook is less welcoming. Consecutive years of severe drought and its associated water problems have brought managers and biologists face-to-face with climate change.

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